Soul Messages

 To You, With Love, The Universe

“I LOVE your book and messages – very lovely and so positive and loving – and easy to use.”Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR, Art Therapist

If each of us had received these kinds of messages about ourselves and about the world – loving, kind, affirming, welcoming messages that foster self confidence and encourage us to listen to our own guts – it would be a very different world.

We all need these reminders from time to time as we actively working on a deep level to heal the core wounds that are holding us back from realizing our full potential.

Buy Soul Messages and Remember Who You Are

“It’s as if she reads my mind and my heart, then tells me exactly what I need to hear! These cards and their expanded explanations in the Soul Messages book are so uplifting and inspiring, I’ve made it a daily ritual to begin my morning by drawing a card from the pretty little drawstring bag that Phyllis made, and then meditating on the corresponding message in the book.” – Kitty Hartford, Drum Goddess

“I love your cards and book SO MUCH! Not just what they say; I am slowly devouring the messages, but also the way they feel. The texture and presentation of your books is positively delicious. I have been pulling a card every day, and I seem to get exactly the message  I need to hear every time. Thank you so much!” – Jennie Sheldon Gilmore, astrologer 

Soul Messages are fifty loving messages to you with love from the Universe, plus a companion book of fifty essays expanding on the messages and giving you suggestions for how to put them to work in your life.

Buy Soul Messages and Connect With the Loving Universe


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